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(Passo di) Forcella Cibiana  & (Monte Rite & Forcella Rite/Dčona) Height Climbing height - length
1533m (2164m/2053m)
Sign 1530m
756m - 9.5 km (1387m - 16.3 km) (Venas di Cadore)
719m - 10.2 km (1350m - 17 km) (Forno di Zoldo)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (4-5) (5) 3 (4-5) (5)
How to get there

The climb to Forcella Cibiana (which is what the pass is usually called even if the sign only says Passo Cibiana and the full name is Passo di Forcella Cibiana, which is like saying the ”pass of the pass”) is a bit easier than the nearby Passo Duran (1601m) that is a popular combination with this pass. The western climb starts in Forno di Zoldo (814m) and has a few steeper sections, but is less consistently steep than the climb from the east at Ponte la Chiusa (Venas di Cadore) (777m) in the valley going up to Cortina d’Ampezzo.

At the top of the pass there is a road with a bar across to stop motorised vehicles from going further. If you continue on this road that soon becomes a gravel road it will eventually take you to Forcella Dčona (2053m) after passing through a short unlit tunnel. You are then soon coming to the end of the road at Monte Rite and at the very end is the entrance to the Messner mountain museum. This road is somewhat steep, but the gravel is good enough for a road bike.

Other comments From the top of the roof you have the best views and it is easy to get up there! This is a very hard climb if going to the top of the Monte Rite with a road bike. I would say it is one of the harder climbs in the Alps at ca. 8.5% on average for 16.3 km from Venas di Cadore. See a nice profile and photos at an Italian forum written by a Spanish guy who also went up here with a road bike.
[IT-BL-1534, IT-BL-2055, BIG 718]