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Hinter Höhi (Raa/Rah) Height Climbing height - length
1418m (1451m - Raa)
996m - 10.5 km (1029m - 10.8 km - Raa) (Weesen)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) (Amden) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a hard climb from Weesen (422m) via Amden. After Amden one can choose between two roads up at one point, I show the slightly steeper/shorter here (took that down and the other up myself as I was not sure it was asphalted). If you take the ”easier” alternative, do not turn right on a small asphalted road as I did as it makes you end up at Stöckli/Stöggli (1353m). As you arrive at the pass, there is some metres on gravel road to the actual pass, but you better continue up to the end of the asphalt road just above at Raa (also ‘Rah’ on the Swiss maps) (1451m) and then you have completed another +1000m climb in the Alps and a pretty hard one too.
Other comments There are great views above Amden. See also: Vorder Höhi (1535m).