homePasso Torre di Fraele/La Bocchetta
Passo Torre di Fraele/La Bocchetta Height Climbing height - length
1938m 754m - 12.5 km (Bormio via San Gallo)
701m - 9.9 km (Premadio)
593m - 8.4 km (Valdidentro)
77m - 11.2 km (Arnoga)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is a great newly asphalted (2009-2010?) climb from Bormio (1200m). The towers of Fraele are impressive from below and the lakes/dams with the mountainsides surrounding them are also very impressive – you should continue to the dams here! It is still a gravel road along the big Lago di Cancano and Lago di San Giacomo di Fraele up here, but cyclable. I also recommend, that on the descent back the same way, to take the level road that leaves just after the second hairpin bend from above, in order to get up the valley via Arnoga (fr. 1861m) to Passo di Foscagno/Pass da Fus-chagn (2289m).
Other comments

There is one water tap early on – make use of it! For further information, see Passo di Val/Valle Alpisella/Pass d’Alpisella (2287m). You can possibly go over Passo di Valle Alpisella to get to Livigno (but you will likely have to walk for a while with a road bike).

The Passo Torre di Fraele pass is mentioned on a Mair map, but also as La Bocchetta on the Swiss official maps. Both locate it near or at the top of a small road now only usable on the Cancano side at Alpe Scala (1973m), which I believe used to be the high point of the road to the Cancano lake, but now the high point and more obvious pass is located just after the Torri di Fraele just where the new asphalt ends, thus I am relocating the pass there as it is anyway the same pass for all practical concerns (and guess that it is also where people would believe the pass is now located). Actually one version of the first map has it located by the towers, but with the wrong height.