Glaspass/Tavellas Height Climbing height - length
1846m (road height 1853m after pass) 1126m - 13.8 km (Thusis); 1156m - 14.9 km (Summaprada)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there From the east one climbs up the pass from Thusis (720m) or from Summaprada (690m) to the north of Thusis (the latter is the main road). The climb is evenly steep. At first the road is wide and very good, but the last part is a narrower road with less good asphalt. The pavement runs out shortly after the pass height. Some gravel roads continues down a little on the other side (steeply), but soon ends at Innerglas and there is only a path down to Safien-Platz (1296m) in the Safiental. The path from Safien-Platz (there is a sign near the woods where the path starts) is pretty steep and not cyclable at all. It takes 50 minutes to walk to the start of the gravel road (if you walk in a good speed and do not stop). It takes 10 minutes from there to the pass, including a steep ramp.
Other comments

Safiental is a quite nice valley, but the road up the valley turns into a smoothed out asphalt road after the long tunnel – “smoothed out” with gravel (as of my visit in 2006). There is a hotel in Versam (901m) and at Safien-Platz (1315m) and there is water at Safien-Platz and probably in Thusis. Highest asphalt point 1965m is by the Gasthaus Beverin, that also offers great views.

The highest paved road up the Heinzenberg (the mountain side here and down toward Chur) is Alp da Sarn (1951m) reached on a private road with concrete strips for car wheels. Otherwise nearby Alp Gronda (1882m) in Präzer Alp is reached on more ordinary pavement. But on the opposite side of the valley up to Thusis you can climb up to Alp dil Plaun (1966m) on asphalt and concrete (old road should have some gravel stretches according to quaeldich.de).

[CH-GR-1846a, BIG 591]