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Ova Spin Height Climbing height - length
1883m 412m - 6.7 km (Zernez)
172m - 5.2 km (Punt la Drossa)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5) 2 (5)
How to get there From the north you start in Zernez (1471m) in the Engadin valley. This is the hard part of the climb to Ofenpass/Pass dal Fuorn/Passo del Forno (2149m), but the climb is not so long. If you come from Ofenpass/Pass dal Fuorn/Passo del Forno or from Livigno, you start the very short climb at Punt la Drossa (1711m).
Other comments When I took the photo here, a man pointed out to me that this was not a pass. Well, I explained that it is after all a sort of pass, but did not much regard it that way myself. After reasoning against including it here, I came to include it after all as it makes the list more consistent. Otherwise I would have to consider removing one or two others here also, so better inclue them in the name of completeness and consistency. There are public toilets just outside Zernez at the start of this climb. It is no longer allowed to go bicycling to/from Livigno through the tunnel as someone has deemed it too dangerous and thus you will have to either pay a fee for the bus or a higher fee as penalty for breaking the regulation. (20 euro in my case, even when I met no car in the tunnel. I had just missed the half-hourly bus and hoped they would not charge me a fee – I do not approve of that regulation. No idea what the fee might be outside bus hours … .)