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Mont Ventoux (Col des Tempêtes) Height Climbing height - length
1897m (1829m) 1568m - 21km (1569m - 21.7 km) (Malaucène)
1202m - 24.5 km (1134m - 23.8 km) (Sault)
1589m - 21.3 km (1521m - 20.6 km) (Bédoin)

1672m - 25 km (1604m - 24.3 km) (Mormoiron)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5); 3 (5) (Sault) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

The road leading to the peak of Mont Ventoux was opened in 1900. This western endpoint of the Alps is one of the most well-known and well-visited places in the Alps by cyclists. The pass is located some hundred metres east of the highest point of the mountain, thus it is a descent to this pass if coming from Malaucène. The starting places for the three asphalted approach roads are usually from three villages. Malaucène (329m) to the west may have the hardest climb to the top, but as some says, perhaps the classic climb from Bédoin (308m) to the south really is the hardest.

The climb from Sault (695m) in the east offers the easiest climb. Both of the climbs from Malaucène and Bédoin has several kilometres of up to 10% inclination on average. The climb from Sault is only steep from where it meets the road from Bédoin (Chalet Reynard 1418m). The climb can often be hard due to windy conditions and/or heat. One is very exposed to the elements at higher altitude on this mountain! I also include an alternative approach from Mormoiron (225m), which might well be used if coming from the south to by-pass Bédoin on the way up.

Other comments The height of the actual peak is 1910m, which can easily be reached on foot. There are also some gravel roads up here. One alternative road starts from the normal road from Bédoin and runs through the Massif des Cèdres to the top. There is also a little known gravel road from the north starting in St Léger du Ventoux (393m) that climbs via Col du Comte (996m) to the top (this road should be difficult on a road bike but has been done). It is a beautiful mountain with far-reaching views. Bring water with you! You can find all info you need on this mountain at a Dutch site, including links to other pages of interest: Fietsen op De Kale Berg, but also look here: Le Mont Ventoux.
[FR-84-1829, BIG 301]