Arlbergpass Height Climbing height - length
1793m 935m - 29.3 km (Pians); 1010m - 33.6 km (Landeck)
191m - 3.1 km (Rauz); 1215m - 32 km (Bludenz)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The eastern climb starts in Landeck (788m) or near Pians (858m) (Silvrettastrasse). From the west the climb starts at the far western Austrian city of Bludenz (578m). Both climbs are irregular and include long sections with little steepness. The climb from Bludenz should be hardest as it is the longest. The road is good and the main traffic uses the long Arlberg tunnel. If coming from Flexenpass (1773m) one starts at Rauz (1602m) just below the pass on the west side.
Other comments I did not find the pass very scenic when I was there, but I also did not have a sunny day. Austria have (essentially) three roads going west through this part of the country and they are not very far apart and all three are very high here. There were no restaurant that I could remember at the top of the pass, but there are plenty down either side of the pass. The photo was taken at the last stretch up the Flexenpass on the south side.