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Col de la Lézette Height Climbing height - length
1786m 682m - 10.6 km (Hauteluce); 1086m - 16.8 km (La Pierre)
1226m - 17 km (Villard-surDoron); 1266m - 17.9 km (Les Perrières via Doron)
1286m - 17.7 km (Les Perrières); 1413m - 20.7 km (Queige) 1587m - 24.9 km (Ugine (south)); 1560m - 23.7 km (Ugine (east))
1060m - 15.9 km (Gorges de Arly); 876m - 16.5 km (Flumet)
828m - 15.6 km (Frassette)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

You have to go via Col des Saisies (1658m) on all surfaced climbs here. There are many alternative roads one could take to get here and I do not list every possible variant, even if I list a lot here. Let’s start on the southeast and go around the mountain for starting-points. If you have visited Col du Joly (1989m) (which has lovely views from the top) then the climb starts in Hauteluce (1104m) and is short and easy.

If coming down from Cormet de Roselend (1968m) or possibly the gravel pass Cormet d’Arêches (2108m), then it is logical to start the climb on the road via La Pierre (700m) below Beaufort. It would perhaps be more fun trying the hardest climbs up here and thus you may go down to Villard-sur-Doron (705m) or Les Perrières (665m) even if coming up from Albertville (348m) and you could climb the Signal de Bisanne (1941m) while you are anyway on the way up there and get some nice views from there (otherwise you drop down to the Saisies road (1575m) from 1720m). I am showing the shortest variants up here on the map below.

If coming from Albertville it might be an alternative to start climbing out of the valley as soon as possible and thus you take off at Queige (538m) for a varying climb. I guess there are some quite steep stretches here, but also easy ones). I have merely went the easy road from Hauteluce to Frassette myself, yet.

If coming from Ugine, you have some choices and you can start climbing at once either from the road to Albertville (Ugine south (399m)) or on the road to Megève (Ugine east (426m)). These roads soon meet up and give you a long and varyingly hard climb. If you prefer to really climb up here from the north when coming from Ugine, it would be best to continue up toward Megève and turn off in the Gorges de Arly (740m) up to Crest-Voland (you may also have taken the high-going D109 road from Ugine and then this turn-off is a few hundred metres on the way back down the gorge road).

Finally if coming from Col des Aravis (1486m) you start in Flumet (910m) (road closed in 2006, but likely open now) or if coming over Megève (also a pass – Seuil de Megève (1107m)), you start in Frassette (958m).

The last 1.8 km up from Col des Saisies is on a road that had more holes in the asphalt than it had asphalt in 2006. The gravel road that continues (with some traces of asphalt) to Col de la Légette (1776m) is a much better road!

Other comments The best views are on south climb in the higher regions. Col des Saisies/Les Saisies is a big and touristy ski resort village. Photo is taken at nearby Col de la Légette (1776m). The road from Col des Saisies down toward Flumet had many and large length-running cracks in the asphalt (2006), which made it dangerous to descend at high speed.