homeCol de la Madeleine/Le Collet
Col de la Madeleine Height Climbing height - length
Signs 1746m, 1752m
295m - 4.2 km (Lanslevillard)
1073m - 47 km (St. Michel de-Maurienne)
79m (Col de l’Iseran)
Difficulty Beauty
1-2 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there This a very uninteresting pass on the way to/from Col de l’Iseran (2764m). First time I went over Col de l’Iseran I got tired on this miniature climb because it was unexpected and the last thing for the day, but normally you only notice it when arriving from Lanslevillard (1458m) or further down southwest from Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne (715m). From the southwest it is a decent climb, but still only a step on the way to Col de l’Iseran.
Other comments The climb is sometimes confused with the much more known and very hard pass (1993m) with the same name at the western end of the Massif de la Vanoise. The pass is actually located on the small road off the main road, but the crossing is very similar (same height) and nearby, but always nice to travel alternative roads.