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(Col de) la Forclaz Height Climbing height - length
1731m 1232m - 29 km (Sion west); 1535m - 31 km (Sion east)
792m - 22.8 km (Vex); 617m - 12.3 km (Praz-Jean)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there The climb starts in the Valais/Wallis valley at Sion (499m) and you go up the lovely Val d’Hérens via Vex (939m) and Evolène to Les Haudères (1452m) and then turn left up toward Ferpècle (maybe just signposted for La Sage). At the cross road for La Sage you turn right and soon reach (Col de) la Forclaz. It is a bit steep from the bridge before Praz Jean (998m) to just before Evolène (1390m) and the last bit from Les Haudères. It can be quite warm on the first part from Sion to Vex. You could alternatively start the climb a bit east from Sion (511m) and take the route de Nax. This brings you to Suen/St.-Martin (1429m), from where there is a descent to Praz-Jean (1114m), which is where you join the other road up via Evolène.
Other comments It is very nice beyond Vex and at Euseigne you will find some nice earth pyramids. Evolène is a nice (and somewhat touristy) village that one does not have to pass through, but they have a good water tap here. The views from this pass are very good! There are some alternative climbs starting in Vex that also may be as nice or nicer: Thyon (2095m), Arolla (2006m) and Barrage de la Grande Dixence (2141m or 2365m (the last gravel stretch is not allowed for cyclists)).