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Stöderzinken (pass) Height Climbing height - length
1819m (road height 1829m) 1056m - 12.6 km (1056m - 12.4 km - Steinerhaus) (Gröbming)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there This classic climb on a toll road (free to cyclists) starts in Gröbming (773m). The road is easy until the tollbooth, from where it is only a bit steep at first. In the second half of the climb the road climbs much more steeply (one ramp is up to ca. 16%) and the views improves. It is a again a little dull near the top of the road and the road is less steep again up through the last houses to Steinerhaus (1829m), which marks the end of the asphalt road and normally the end of a road climb up here. There is however arguably also a pass here between the Stöderzinken mountain and the Lerchenkogel and the geographical pass is by an old house 10m lower down a gravel ramp and to the right from there (ca. 170m gravel).
Other comments They have a yearly event with old classic cars going up the road. Cannot remember any place for water on the way up, but fill up before leaving Gröbming. There are funicular cables where people go down one by one side by side on several cables up the mountain – looks fun.