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Karerpass/Pas de Costalongia/Passo (di) Costalunga Height Climbing height - length
1688m (road height 1773m)
Sign 1690m
1406m - 23.7km (1431m - 24.4 km via Aica di Sopra) (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau)
1404m - 23.7 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau “alt1”); 1429m - 23.5 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau “alt2”)
1363m - 18 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau old road)
1040m - 19.6 km (Prosels/Presule)
897m - 19.8 km (Birchabruck/Ponte Nova); 1507m - 35 km (Bolzano/Bozen)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

If coming from the south the natural starting point for this climb is in Prato all'Isarco/Blumau (325m) east of Bolzano. The main road via Aicha/Aica is the easiest choice, but even this road is steep. The old road is the classic one (which I still have to do myself) with 24% ramps. (There are road work 2009-2012 on this road according to reports at quaeldich.de.) If coming from the north down from Telfen, then you can take off on an initially steep (ramp up to ca. 24%, even if sign says 27%) road to Prosels/Presule (716m) and then join the main road to the pass.

For completeness sake you can climb this pass directly from Bolzano/Bozen (266m) on the same road through the Eggental/Val d’Ega as one would climb when going to the nearby Karerpass/Jouf de Ciareja/Passo (di) Costalunga (1752m). (You can take the 0.6 km short-cut through the hotels in Karersee/Carezza al Lago to the Nigerpass road.) You would climb to 1773m and then descend to the pass.

Other comments Combined with Karerpass/Passo Costalunga it quite practical for a round tour including Passo Sella. There is a restaurant at the pass and water would be found at least at St. Zyprian/San Cipriano. The most boring place on this road is the pass itself which has no views of anything but trees, but otherwise it is a fine climb with nice views. (Photo from Karerpass/Costalunga.)