homeNeuperhauserboden (Klosterneuburger Hütte/Wölzer Tauern)
Neuperhauserboden (Klosterneuburger Hütte/Wölzer Tauern) Height Climbing height - length
1699m (1878m - Klosterneuburger Hütte) 736m - 8.39 km - 8.8% (Oberzeiring-Karleiten)
915m - 11.43 km - 8.0% - Klosterneuburger Hütte (Oberzeiring-Karleiten)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The climb to Klosterneuburger Hütte (1878m) in the Wölzer Tauern starts just outside Oberzeiring in Karleiten (963m) on the way to Hochegger-Sattel (1328m). The climb starts a bit steep, but it is not really very steep anywhere along the way. There is a tollbooth (for cars) almost half-way up where the wooded section starts. There is an unnamed pass up here at 1699m where a gravel road comes up from one side and zig-zags down the other side, and there is higher point on the ridge here before, so even if this is a bit vague and unnamed, it is indeed a pass at Neuperhauserboden. There is no point about only going here and the nice section of the road starts just here, marred with a long line of wind mills almost all the way to the Klosterneuburger Hütte.
Other comments Good views on this climb, while the surface is not the best on the tollroad part, but up at the top the road is in great shape again. Klosterneuburger Hütte has good cakes and things to drink. There is a gravel road going down the Lachtal from up here, but I doubt it is good enough for a road bike.