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Hochkar/Geischlägerhaus (Steirertörl) Height Climbing height - length
1769m (1673m) 1087m - 11 km (991m - 10.4 km) (Lassing)
1237m - 19 km (1142m - 18.4 km) (Göstling)
1245m - 18.2 km (1150m - 17.6 km) (Erzhalden)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there This is a very hard climb, especially the last part to the top! The real climb starts in Lassing (682m), but you are likely arriving from either Göstling (532m) to the north or from Obere Palfau (Erzhalden) (524m) to the south. This is a toll road free to cyclists. It is very nice around Lassing, but at first the road goes through the woods and soon starts to get a bit steep. You round a corner at Alpl (1116m) and the road starts to get more interesting. After some serpentines you reach the Hochkar skiing station area with hotels and restaurants. From here you should take to the left and go behind a bar across the road. Now the hardship really starts. The first ramp is steep, but then you get a respite and an almost flat road for a while (there was also like 15-20m gravel here just at the end of the ramp in 2012). Then you will only have the rest up the highest point that could be seen and it only becomes steeper as you pass by the Steirertörl on your way to the Geischlägerhaus (1769m).
Other comments The views from the top are outstanding and makes the climb worthwhile. There is a small wooden sign announcing the location of the Steirertörl a few meters from the road. This is doubtlessly the nicest climb this far east in the Alps and one of the harder in Austria.
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