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Passo di Tremalzo/Passo della Crocetta Height Climbing height - length
1664m 1274m - 20.8 km (Storo); 1567m - 33.2 km (Riva del Garda)
939m - 12.2 km (“Passo dell’Ampolo”)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a fairly hard climb from the turn-off (725m) at the misplaced sign for Passo dell’Ampola (747m) (which nonetheless states the height of where the pass really is located near Tiarno di Sopra). After reaching the Chiesa di Santa Croce (1135m) you get out of the woods and the scenery improves a lot and the road gets a little less steep. The most natural starting point for the climb is in Storo (390m). From Riva del Garda (119m) (you would start lower) it is a long climb with a long flat section along the busy road to Passo dell’Ampola.

One could avoid the long boring tunnel above Riva del Garda on the old Pregasina road, which is now accessible again after having been closed for many years due to being destroyed. However, the road has not been restored and is really only a footpath for something like 2-3 km, where it is frequented by a massive amount of mountain bikers and might be hard to negotiate anyway, so I did not bother to indicate the choice here even if the asphalted hairpins up from the path are great. At the the Tremalzo pass you could turn right to Passo del Dil (1723m), but it becomes a bit bad gravel road 600m before the pass (asphalt ends at 1710m) and no special scenery. But do go up to the end of the asphalt to the right (1700m) where a private gravel road goes down the other side of the pass (not sure if it is easy with a road bike). The ridge road that continues is one of the most interesting roads in the Alps, but unfortunately it is kept in such a state that it is only worthwhile to consider if you got a mountain bike.

Other comments The views are outstanding at the pass. High beauty points mostly given for the views at the top as it is a somewhat unscenic pass climb otherwise. Rifugio Garibaldi before the pass is usually open in the Summer, but the restaurant at the end of the asphalt climb was closed when I visited in 2010. With an asphalted road down the other side of the pass, this climb would have been wildly more popular with road bicyclists than it is now.
[IT-BS-1577, BIG 745]