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Col du Noyer Height Climbing height - length
1664m 813m - 12.4 km (Pont de la Guingerre)
694m - 13.3 km (Noyer/St. Bonnett)
750m - 14.2 km (Pont de la Baume)
420m - 6.4 km (Pont de Giers)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is a very nice pass in either direction. More pass-like on the east side with its serpentines, but ultimately nicer views on the west side. The hard part up here is the final 400 height metres on both sides. You can start the climb sometime before Pont de la Baume (914m) when coming from the northwest or at Pont de la Guinguette (851m) on the Route Napoleon. If you come down from Col Bayard (1248m) or maybe Col de Moissière (1571m), then you would do well to start at the roundabout (970m) on the N85 (where one could take off to St. Bonnet in the opposite direction). If coming from Col du Festre (1442m) and Col de Rioupes (1428m), you start the climb at Pont de Giers (1244m). The road is very narrow high up especially on the east side from St. Étienne-en-Dévoluy, where you should take a narrow and steep shortcut road up (see the map) which saves you 3 km!
Other comments I very much recommend to visit Col du Festre (1442m) when being up here for the nice views. Col du Noyer is the most interesting pass in the area though.
[FR-05-1664, BIG 300]