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Goldeck (Halsl/Gatterl) Height Climbing height - length
1903m (1675m) 1397m - 17.00 km - 8.2% (1154m - 13.92 km - Halsl) (Mauthbrücken)
1385m - 20.82 km - 6.7% (1142m - 17.73 km - Halsl) (Nikelsdorf)
1235m - 15.05 km - 8.2% (992m - 11.95 km - Halsl) (Zlaner stausee)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there South of Spittal an der Drau and Millstätter See, the most obvious climb up the Goldeck starts at Mauthbrücken (521m). This is a long climb that after Zlan becomes a toll road free to cyclists. Despite being a paid for road the asphalt was not so good when I visited in 2011. It is very nice at Zlan, but then you will go for a long time through woods on a steep road. When you reach a small pass Halsl/Gatterl (1675m) the views open up again and the road descends a little before continuing to climb up the Goldeck. The road from Nikelsdorf (546m) is sweet, but apart from an initial climb there is not much climbing before reaching Zlan. You could also be starting the climb at the Zlaner stausee (683m) if coming from the Weissensee.
Other comments There is a water tap at 1500m height not long before the pass. The road descends from the top to a parking place, where only a gravel road continues down. At the top point another gravel road continues to climb up to the very top of the Goldeck mountain and it might be possible to handle with a road bike (not sure higher up as I did not try it).