Katschberg/Katschbergpaß Height Climbing height - length
1641m 596m - 5.2 km (St. Michael im Lungau)
689m - 12.1 km (Kremsbrücke)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 1-2 (5)
How to get there The climb from the north starts when leaving St. Michael im Lungau (1045m) and is a legendary hard climb despite the wide road. The climb from the south starts in Kremsbrücke (952m) or further down, but only here it starts to climb visibly. The last part up to the pass is as steep or steeper than the climb on the other side and here the road is not as wide. It is an akward passage, which is why most traffic now uses the motorway tunnel instead.
Other comments See also the wonderful Nockalmstrasse – Eisentalhöhe (2049m) and Schiestelscharte/Glockenhütte (2029m) and also the alternative Schönfeld(-sattel)/Dr. J-Mehrl-Hütte (1741m), which is a much lovelier passage.