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Colla del Prel/Colle della Prel (Prato Nevoso) Height Climbing height - length
1615m 1123m - 18.6 km (Villanova Mondový)
1018m - 15.7 km (Corsaglia)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) (East); 3 (5) (West) 4 (5)
How to get there

The climb to Prato Nevoso from Villanova Mondový is a well-known climb on a smooth and wide road to the Winter resort. This is popular and never very steep in nice scenery. It is however also possible to climb from est side and the Valle Corsaglia and apparently this side was used in a amateur cycling event, but according to the Italian I talked to they dropped this road as they thought it was too hard a climb. Looking at the profiles at Salite.ch, one would get the impression that this side is easier than the standard one, but that is not quite true … .

The climb from Corsaglia (698m) is on a narrow and nice road that starts to climb up the mountain side just before reaching Fontane. There is not much signs, but one sign above Fontane tells you to take left to Prato Nevoso. There is later on a very steep kilometre, but with much greater scenery than on the other side. Then the road descends before the final climb to the pass.

Other comments One could go a bit higher up the mountain at Prato Nevoso among the hotels there. I clearly recommend climbing the eastern side as it much more interesting and the other side is nice to descend. This is the highest asphalt pass in this part of the Alpe Maritime within Piemonte (next one westward is the Colle di Tenda). You can go higher up here to Malanotte (1740m) which should likely offer some better views and make the climb a bit longer.
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