Jų/Joch/Giogo Height Climbing height - length
1575m (road height 1581m) 481m - 5.3 km (Picolin/Pikolein/Piccolino)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

The climb starts from the main road up through Alta Badia at Picolin/Pikolein/Piccolino (1100m (or possibly at 1103m if coming from up the valley)). The climb is mostly steep on a narrow road with nice views up around Gran Jų. After a short tunnel the road turns to gravel, but there is then only 400m to reach the pass.

One could continue to the end of the road to the ski lift at Col dl’Ancona (1612m), which is very near, where you will get some views down the other side. But better to take the road taking off to the right, which is the one going down the other side. On the east side all is asphalted apart from 650m R1-2, but unfortunately at least one ramp is too bad and steep to use with a road bike, so if better go down that side and walk down this ramp!

Other comments There is a bar/restaurant at Col dl’Ancona. The geographical pass could be reached by turning off this lower road at the ridge on another gravel road and descend to 1535m, but there is no path down either side at that point, so makes little sense to count that point as the pass (and the gravel road also is quite steep down here and you will have to get back up again).