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Meire Tirolo/Ti reul (Pian del Re) Height Climbing height - length
1598m (2020m)
1014m - 15.1 km (1436m - 21.5 km - Pian del Re) (Paesana)
1128m - 19.6 km (1550m - 26 km - Pian del Re) (Sanfront)
702m - 8.1 km (Ponte Laitā)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) ((4) 5 - Pian del Re) 4 (5) ((4-5) 5 - Pian del Re)
How to get there

The normal climb up here is of course to Pian del Re (2020m, asphalt ends at the parking 2013m), but I also managed to find an asphalted pass road (well on one side, as there is only a path down the other side). There is a road going off the main road to Pian del Re at Ponte Laitā (896m) to Oncino. Continue up this side and follow the sign for Ti reul and after some steep section the last part to the pas is great and lovely views at the top. Monte Cialancie (1635m) is on the outside here making it a pass.

If you come from the north over Colletta di Paesana/Barge (612m) the climb starts before Paesana (584m). If you come from the south the climb starts in Sanfront (470m). In nice weather Pian del Re is a lovely climb, especially in the last upper part with great views!
Other comments The main attraction here is Pian del Re, but if you have time, I would very much recommend this little pass above Oncino! In the area also well-known Pian Munč (1523m) could be climbed from Erasca (629m). It is 12.7 km and 894 height metres.
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