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Col de l’Arpettaz Height Climbing height - length
1581m (road height 1590m)
1146m - 14.9 km (Les Rippes)
1156m - 14.8 km (Pussiez)
1167m - 15.2 km (Ugine)
1200m - 19.2 km (Ugine via Hauteville)
1155m - 16.1 km (Ugine D1212)
940m - 15.9 km (Pont de Flon)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

If coming from the Annecy area to Ugine you could turn up before reaching Ugine at Les Rippes (435m) where there is a sign for the Arpettaz road and higher up you will meet other roads coming from the Ugine area. The straightest and most consistently steep climb starts in Pussiez (425m) just before Ugine and this road is clearly signposted for the Col de l’Arpettaz. Then before coming for the turn-off for Albertville and Megève, you have the turn-off for Ugine centre (414m) where you also could start this climb and it is the logical place to start if coming from Albertville. From here you could alternatively go up the other asphalted east side of this pass, but it is more fun doing the classic climb with the many serpentines, even if it is rather wooded on the south side.

If you are coming down the road to Megève from Col de la Forclaz (de Queige) (871m) or the forest road from Signal de (Mont) Bisanne (1941m) it makes sense to start directly across the road by the electrical station (426m), which is the variant I have climbed. All the south side variants climb the same serpentines up and you are likely lucky there is some shade on this side as it could get rather hot here in Summer. It is not really ever very steep, but there is not much resting either.

If you come down from Megève you would do well to start the climb at Pont de Flon (770m). There is then a descent before the turn-off up to Hauteville and the pass. The road reaches 1590m just before the pass on this east side.

Other comments There is a good reason apart from the nice serpentine road on the south side to want to go down the open east side, since you get some really nice views on your way down here of the Mont Blanc mountain range. Very good views around the top section in most directions – one of the nicest passes in France! There is also a north side to this pass, but that is a gravel road only best left to mountain bikers, but a great road for them all the way to Col des Aravis (1486m)!