homeBrandstadl (sattel) (Tafel Wegkreuzung)
Brandstadl (sattel) (Tafel Wegkreuzung) Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1571m
875m - 8.6 km (Söll)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This climb is starts in Söll (695m). They have enlarged the busy road passing from Wörgl to Sankt Johann, so it is no fun using, but possibly one could find minor alternative roads over here. Once in Söll you start the climb on the other side of the big new roundabout. You pass by some boring looking hotels as you go straight ahead into the valley and make a left turn over the Stampfangerbach and now the climb starts for real. This road goes to Bromberg. At one place a bit up another asphalted road goes to the left, but keep to the one you are on. It gets nicer higher up and you are happy as the road is not that steep, but it is 10.2% on average.

One problem arises in the last part of the climb as you have to traverse two cattle grids, which is normally not a problem as long as you do not go too slowly and keep a firm grip of your handle bars. But here the grids are the usual round metal tubes, but with an added sharp metal edge on them. I did not want to take a chance getting a flat so walked over them, but if you are light and have good pressure in your tyres, they should not be a problem, but if going down over them, you better make up your mind here. The road is nowadays fully asphalted all the way to the unnamed pass height by the Brandstadl mountain and restaurant higher up on the gravel road from here. The sign here only says ‘Tafel Wegkreuzung’.

Other comments A nice little extra sight-seeing to Holzalmjoch (1640m) (that also has a restaurant) is well worth it for the good views and it is only 2.2 km R1 gravel road (the gravel road that climbs gently to the right at the pass). There is a more direct road starting a bit before our pass (the last road to the left), but it should be much worse on the last part up there. There is however a short and quite steep ramp on the other side from which you then descend some metres to Holzalmjoch. (Had to walk half of the ramp.) Quite a lot nicer up here then down in the valley and on the way back you get a view into the big valley up to Innsbruck from Wörgl in the distance.