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Gaberl Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1551m
903m - 15.7 km (954m - 16.4 km - Plankogel) (Gro▀lobming)
864m - 15.2 km (915m - 15.9 km - Plankogel) (Gro▀feistritz)
718m - 11.5 km (769m - 12.2 km - Plankogel) (Kleinfeistritz)
1043m - 18.5 km (1094m - 19.2 km - Plankogel) (Krenhof)
1101m - 23.1 km (1152m - 23.8 km - Plankogel) (K÷flach)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

From the northwest you can can start the climb in Gro▀lobming (644m) and have a nice and easy road to Kleinlobming (756m), but here comes pay back time, as the climb up to the ridge road is quite steep and then it is fairly steep to Gaberl. This climb should not be underestimated!

The road from Gro▀feistritz (693m) is the normal road and it is not so hard a climb with good views all along. The climb on the ridge road is made harder by the constantly changing steepness however. There is also a small road up from Kleinfeistritz (839m) that looks steep, but it is not long before you are on the same ridge road again.

The southeast climb starts somewhere in K÷flach (456m) or possibly higher up at Krenhof (514m), which is really where the actual climb starts. From Salla (870m) the road will be steep up to the pass.

Other comments The road to Plankogel (1598m) from Gaberl is 720m long and a well worth the little extra climb since the views from here are the best.
[AT-6-1547, BIG 609]