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Gampenpass/Passo delle Palade/Gampenjoch Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1518m
1204m - 18 km (Lana)
1241m - 17.5 km (Nals/Nalles)
705m - 15.5 km (Fondo (west))
536m - 12.9 km (Fondo (east))
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) (north); 2-3 (5) (south) 3 (5)
How to get there This a fairly long climb from Lana (317m) or Nals/Nalles (300m) to the north. It is a somewhat impressive road from that direction, but it is never really very hard or steep. There are a system of odd bunkers at the top area apparently built during the 2nd WW. It is very nice on the south side from Fondo (east) (985m) (or Fondo (west) (816m)), but it is a rather easy climb on that side.
Other comments If coming from the north you enter Italian-speaking territory just as you get out of St. Felix/St. Felice on the way down to Fondo and here is also the border between Alto Adige and Trentino. A lovely pass that took me many years before I at last got to climb it in 2010 (from Lana).