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Col du Chasseral (Le Chasseral) Height Climbing height - length
1502m (1607m) 1099m - 17.2 km (1210m - 20 km (Le Chasseral)) (St-Blaise)
1131m - 16.2 km (1242m - 18.9 km (Le Chasseral)) (Cornaux)
1062m - 14.8 km (1173m - 17.5 km (Le Chasseral)) (Nugerol)
1066m - 14.5 km (1177m - 17.2 km (Le Chasseral)) (La Neuveville)
1068m - 17.3 km (1179m - 20.1 km (Le Chasseral)) (Twann)
789m - 11.1 km (900m - 13.8 km (Le Chasseral)) (St-Imier)
673m - 10.6 km (784m - 13.3 km (Le Chasseral)) (Le Pâquier)
1034m - 25.6 km (1145m - 28.3 km (Le Chasseral)) (Neuchâtel)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) (South); 3 (North) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a relatively high pass in the northern outskirts of the Alps (in fact the highest asphalted pass in the Jura mountains). There are several starting points for this pass along the Bielersee. One could start from the west already at Neuchâtel (508m), but from there it is more logical to go around the mountain and up the north side of the Chasseral. This a long climb though. If you come to the area over Col de la Vue des Alpes (1283m) you would do well to start high up on the road from Neuchâtel at Le Pâquier (869m). This road eventually meets the road from St-Imier (768m) to the north (just before the hard to notice Col des Pontins (1120m)). Then the road goes a bit up and down and finally climbs to the pass from where you take the road along the ridge to the high point of Le Chasseral with great views over the Bielersee.

If you come from Neuchâtel, it would be more interesting to start the climb at St-Blaise (471m) or as I did at Cornaux (439m) with a shorter and more challenging climb. Further toward the Bielersee you will find the most direct climbs, either from Le Landeron/Nugerol (440m) or the absolutely shortest climb from La Neuveville (436m). If you come from Biel/Bienne to the east you might want to start the climb in Twann (435m) (showing on the map a very steep-looking starting alternative on this climb). This road might be the most commonly climbed road.

Other comments All southern variants should be somewhat hard to climb, but once you get up from the see (it is surprisingly boring and non-touristy along the Bielersee and Lac de Neuchâtel, for all I could tell) you have tranquil farmland and nice views all around.
[CH-NE-1502, BIG 532]