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Col du Grand Colombier Height Climbing height - length
1498m 1250m - 17.2 km (Culoz)
1261m - 14.5 km (Talissieu)
1243m - 14.6 km (Artemare)
857m - 8.1 km (Virieu-le-Petit)
883m - 12 km (Lochieu)
1223m - 15 km (Anglefort)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a long climb for the moderate height. One starts rather low either at Culoz (248m) on the south side that is the nicest climb (or descent). It has some tortuous hairpins half-way up before meeting the road that comes up from the east at Anglefort (275m). The middle section is flat for some time and the climb is uneven up to the top.

The climb from the west side is however the most famous one as the road from Virieu-le-Petit (641m) up to La Selle (1176m) (a minor pass) is quite steep with up to around 18% for long stretches. The road variant from Talissieu (237m) looks like the steepest, followed by the climb from Artemare (255m). If you come from the north, you could also start the climb in Lochieu (615m) on an alternative easier road up this side or continue to Virieu-le-Petit to start the climb there (as I did). There is a flat section on this side too after La Selle.
Other comments Splendid views from the top with the bigger Alps seen to the east and nice views over the Rhône river to the south. An impressive climb rather on the west border of the Alps.
[FR-01-1500, BIG 264]