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Col de Champex/Champey Height Climbing height - length
1497m 998m - 14.1 km (Martigny)
941m - 12.8 km (Le Brocard)
784m - 16.1 km (Sembrancher)
610m - 10.4 km (Orsières)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) (West); 2-3 (East) 3 (5)
How to get there This is a fairly hard climb from Martigny (499m) or higher up from Le Brocard (556m) (if coming down a smaller road from Col de la Forclaz (1527m)). When you turn off the main road up to Verbier and Col du Grand St-Bernard (2469m) the road climbs tortuously up to the pass. This pass can work as a very impractical short-cut to and from Col du Grand St-Bernard and then you would go via Orsières (887m). If coming down the Col de la Croix de Cœur (2174m) or perhaps the Col du Lein (1686m), then the climb starts in Sembrancher (713m).
Other comments There is a resort located at the pass by the lake. The pass does not really offer any views on the Martigny side, but it nice on the Orsières side with some views up the nice Swiss Val Ferret.