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Col d’Ayerne/Col de la Jortèse Height Climbing height - length
1466m (road height 1554m) 1175m - 18.6 km (13 km Les Agittes) (Yvorne)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there From Yvorne (409m) you can go straight up on a small road through the vineyeards that is terribly steep toward the end or take the normal road around and up to Corbeyrier. After Corbeyrier it gets steep again up to Luan and then you will have an exciting tunnel to go through which has openings so there is light enough and also provides lovely views. The landscape shifts when you come out on the other sie and the climb to the top at Les Agittes/Les Cases (1554m) is easy and now the views down toward Lac Leman disappears, but soon you instead get to see the Lac de l’Hongrin (a dam). There is no real descent on the other side. You will follow a big road with 47 numbered bridges on your way to La Lécherette (1379m) or if you decide to take off up to Col de la Pierre du Moëllé (1661m), which is a nice road (even if steep higher up) over to Le Sépey.
Other comments The road is regulated above Luan and is only open for traffic at certain hours in each direction – every first 15 min per hour one could go up through the tunnel. There are no open facilities after the tunnel and before reaching La Lécherette as far as I can remember.