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Rifugio Alpo Height Climbing height - length
1479m 1108m - 10.5 km (Camarelle)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This steep climb starts at the northeast corner of Lago d’Idro at Camarelle (Baitoni) (371m). Up to Bondone all is fine on a nice and wide road, but above the village a very narrow and very steep road awaits. Take it easy early on as it eventually features a concrete section at around 20%, which will be hard for anyone going up here on a bicycle. Just as you start to see the destination there is a road taking off to nearby Bocca dei Grii/GiŁ (1469m) which is more formally regarded as a pass here, but you continue up to Alpo where the hardships eventually are over. This is a very hard climb!

Other comments It is very nice just above Bondone and above the wooded steep section. The asphalt road straight ahead up here goes to 1481m before it descends and run around the mountain here (Cima Spessa) to the other side where it stops by another small group of houses (Fieneli Spessa) (a gravel road continues to yet some more houses further down). The highest paved point (ca. 1517m) is reached by taking the road that climbs up directly from Rifugio Alpo toward another little saddle near Pozzo degli Scongiurati (1520m) (the last 100m is gravel).
[BIG 744]