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Passo Pordoi/Pas Pordoi/Jou de Pordou/Pordoijoch Height Climbing height - length
2239m 431m - 6.4 km (bivio per Passo Sella); 791m - 11.9 km (Canazei)
638m - 9.2 km (Arabba/Rčba); 827m - 20.6 km (Cernadoi/Cernadou)
1018m - 25.4 km (Rucava/Reciavé); 1250m - 28.1 km (Caprile)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is one of the classic passes of the Sella ring road and it is currently part of the famous Gran Fondo race Maratona dles Dolomites every year. This might be the most trafficated of the passes as it is on the main east-west tourist road here.

If you come from Passo Sella (2241m, road height 2244m), then this pass is not so difficult. From either Canazei/Cianacči/Kanzenei (1448m) to the west or Arabba/Rčba (1601m) to the east, this is a somewhat hard pass, but on a wide and good road with many serpentines. Alternative starting points are: Caprile (1002m); Rucava/Reciavé (1309m) if coming from Passo Giau (2232m) or Forcella Staulanza (1770m); and Cernadoi/Cernadou (1412m) if coming from Passo di Falzarego (2105m).

Other comments There is usually a lot of traffic on this road as it is the king of the roads in the Dolomites where all tourists wish to go. It is very lovely lower down after Arabba, so no wonder it is popular. It also offers views of the highest mountain in the Dolomites – the Marmolada mountain (3342m) with its glacier. It is wooded on the southwest side from Canazei with a nice road with signs telling you the altitude as you climb in most hairpin bends. The climb from Arabba is more exposed. The weather is rather unpredictable in the Dolomites, especially in the afternoon it often comes a shower without much advance warning. Other Ladin names: Jëuf de Pordoi/Ju de Pordů/Jouf de Pordoi.
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