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Splügenpass/Passo dello Spluga/Pass dal Spleia/Col du Splügen Height Climbing height - length
Signs 2113m, 2118m, 2117m
657m - 9 km - 7.3% (Splügen)
1512m - 35 km - 4.3% (Thusis)
1790m - 30.34 km - 5.9% (Chiavenna)
Difficulty Beauty
North 2-3 (5) (Splügen); 3-4 (Thusis); South 4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there It is a fairly easy/short climb from Splügen (1458m), Switzerland in the north, with a nice set of serpentines the last kilometres to the top. It is a longer and more varied climb from Thusis (720m). The travel from the south is quite something else altogether. You would start in Chiavenna (325m) and it starts really steep at once and then is unevenly steep up the wild and narrow valley. There are two alternative roads at one point – one goes through some spectacular galleries while the other let you see them from below. The south side is hard and long!
Other comments This pass has a high regard among cyclists, mostly because of the difficult and exciting south side. Water and restaurants can be found on the south side, if you need to stop.
[CH-GR-2115b, BIG 688]