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Nallpass/Pass dil Nall (Alp Nova) Height Climbing height - length
2079m 1382m - 18.47 km - 7.5% (Vella)
1389m - 19.59 km - 7.1% (Vattis)
1399m - 20.06 km - 7.0% (Vignogn)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This is a very nice climb from Ilanz/Glion (697m) in Surselva. The climb is not all asphalted and the asphalt runs out at 1930m (if nothing changed recently) and then it is 2.11 km to the crossing at the pass (2074m) (1.86 km to the high point of the road). It is a good fine road up to Vella (1250m) where the shortest road choice takes you up to the pass. You can also start a little later close to Vattis (1251m) (that offers nothing much extra), but nicest is perhaps to take the road I took from Vignogn (1252m), which offers the steepest climb up to where the roads meet before the asphalt ends.

The gravel section is fairly good and no big problem with a road bike, but it makes the climb a bit harder. You are on the other hand rewarded with a lonely road with great views. Unfortunately the road down the other side turns to a track for some time and the gravel then last for quite long until asphalt down to Obersaxen, so best to go back the same way unless you have a mountain bike.

Other comments

As for the pass name one can read about it on a website about the Wallis people and regions: “[…] it is well known that the Obersaxer went to the cattle markets in Bellinzona (Belenz) and Lugano (Lauis).  They didn’t therefore only use the Lukmanier, they had in the “alten Lugnezerweg” or the “Nallpass” over the saddle by Alp Nova a connection to Vrin, Diesrut- and Greinapass.” (I think this information was taken from the local Obersaxen website. In the Swiss map one can find ‘Nalltobel’ down the valley on the Obersaxen side which also suggests the name is correct.)

Alp Cuolm (1851m) seems to be the asphalt end of the Val Lumnezia beyond Vrin (1448m). The end of the Valsertal by the Zervreilasee (1984m) (29.41 km from Ilanz) looks like a very nice climb (still on my to do-list).