Montecampione Height Climbing height - length
1735m 1532m - 20.27 km - 7.6% (Pian Camuno)
1518m - 19.72 km - 7.7% (Artogne)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there A climb not unlike the climb I just wrote about before this, Chamrousse in France. It is one of the most southern ski resorts in the central Alps (maybe the most southern). The climb is fairly hard and long and there is an option of two road up. It is maybe slightly easier than Mont Ventoux. Either one starts to the south in Pian Camuno (203m) (the normal climb) or as I did in Artogne (217m) on a narrower road. The two roads meet at 1076m height and it is a little less steep here, but then continues in the same somewhat steep fashion to the little ski resort.
Other comments The pass above, Stanga di Bassinale (1898m) looks like it might need a mountain bike to be reached, and on my visit the snow still lay thick up here in the Spring (April 7th 2009). It is likely nicer up here in the Summer. This is a classic climb in the area and one of the longest climbs here. Along the Artogne road was a micro brewery by a farm (did not stop though).