Zirknitztal/Gro▀see Height Climbing height - length
2420m (2470m) 1410m (1460m) - 15.2/15.6 km (16 km) (D÷llach)
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there Take off the Gro▀glockner road at D÷llach (1010m) and go above the village (toward Heiligenblut) and you will find the road to Apriach, which you soon will turn off to Zirknitz (which is up the valley from D÷llach). It is a little steep up through Zirkntiz and quite nice. After Zirknitz the road soon flattens out and goes straight into the valley until it comes to an obvious fork, where one is going right again up the Kleine Zirknitztal (the road up the Grosse Zirknitztal soon ends). After a short steeper stretch the road passes by some houses and then one enter the final long and steep climb up to the Gro▀see dam. Near the dam one can choose to climb directly up to the right or descend a little and go up the other side of the dam, where the road is very steep for a while (I fell here after the drainage gully as there were growing grass in the cracks). If going up this side, one could continue up above the dam if the road is cleared of stones and snow (probably only really in September as there were no way to go up there in July). The road then ends at 2470m by a service door.
Other comments The dam is at the exact same (theoretical) water height as the Hochwurtenspeicher (2417m) on the other side of the walking pass Kleinzirknitzscharte (2726m). See also M÷lltaler Gletscherstrasse/Hochwurtenspeicher & Grosse Oscheniksee.
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