Flexenpass Height Climbing height - length
1773m 329m - 6.1 km (Lech)
702m - 24 km (Steeg)
845m - 46.7 km (after Elmen)
171m - 3.3 km (Rauz)
1198m - 32.2 km (Bludenz)
1108m - 33.9 km (Pians)
1157m - 40 km (Landeck)
Difficulty Beauty
Northeast 2-3 (5); East/West 3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there The northeastern climb starts above Elmen (979m), if coming down from Hahntennjoch (1894m), but the real climb starts only later in Steeg (1122m). One turns off the road up to Hochtannbergpass (1676m) at Warth (1495m). Then there is a slight descent to Lech (1444m). The climb is never really steep – there is only one steep section from Lech to Zürs. From the west the climb starts at the far western Austrian city of Bludenz/Brunnenfeld (575m), which is the longest and hardest climb. If coming from Arlbergpass (1793m) the climb starts at Rauz (1602m) or before this pass down in Pians (856m) or Landeck (807m)..
Other comments The gallery (built in 1895), from where I took the photo on the south (west) side of the pass, was quite impressive, but they have made the gallery more modern and boring in recent years. There are shops and cafés in Lech and Steeg (for example). See also: Formarinjoch (1871m) and Spullersee (1835m).