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Rosswagen (Rittner Horn) Height Climbing height - length
1702m 1410m - 20.7 km (Bolzano/Bozen); 1497m - 18.9 km (Bolzano/Bozen via Signat)
1575m - 20.7 km (Bolzano/Bozen via Sta Maddalena); 1372m - 20 km (Kollmann/Colma)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) Signat road; 3-4 (5) Bolzano new road/Kollmann; 5 (5) Sta. Maddalena 4-5 (5)
How to get there

This is a pass road, but there is no map marking it as such. One could start from the south in Bolzano (269m/295m) and choose among a couple of roads, but there is only one that is somewhat easy and that is the main road to Oberbozen and Klobenstein/Collalbo (1154m). One could start down at Kollmann/Colma (482m) and climb a nice and varying road to Klobenstein/Collalbo (or from Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck (465m) via Barbian/Barbiano on a fine road). (This road has some descents on the way.) From here a road goes via Ritten/Renon toward Rittner Horn (via Tann). Make sure not to take the road to Wangen, but the one climbing up toward the Rittner Horn. The Ritten road (via Tann) only becomes steep where there is a cable car going up to the mountain. Here it is a small and steep road that soon reaches the pass.

There are also some very steep old road alternatives out of Bolzano, of which the easier Signat road is entirely asphalted (the old road), while the other via Santa Maddalena is ridiculously steep for the first 2.5 km at an average of around 20% (it starts at around 23% and then comes a long ramp at 30%) and then one has to walk some hundred metres up to a farm (if not before) to arrive at a nice surfaced road up to Maria Himmelfahrt, which is never over 15% ;-). The road down to Sarentino is not fully paved (it is a private road there in part). I suggested in the map to take a shortcut from Costalovara to Klobenstein, it looks like an easy gravel road for a short stretch, but should be nicer than taking the main road and more direct.

Other comments From the pass a gravel road takes off up the Rittner Horn (2260m) and to Gasteiger Sattel/Sella dei Sentieri (2056m), which is possible to traverse with a road bike down back to Villandro/Villanders (see the Rittner Horn description). There are very fine views at some places along the via Tann on the last part of the climb. The pass itself is the least nice place on this climb. For other good descriptions of road alternatives up to Oberbozen from Bolzano see also: Quaeldich.de. Bring water from the start!