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Karerpass/Pas de Costalongia/Passo (di) Costalunga Height Climbing height - length
1685m (road height 1774m)
Sign 1690m
1406m - 23.7 km (1431m - 24.4 km via Aica di Sopra) (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau)
1404m - 23.7 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau “alt1”)
1429m - 23.5 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau “alt2”)
1363m - 18 km (Prato all’Isarco/Blumau old road)
1040m - 19.6 km (Prosels/Presule)
896m - 19.8 km (Birchabruck/Ponte Nova)
1490m - 31.41 km (Kardaun/Cardano with short-cut)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

If coming from the south the natural starting point for this climb is in Prato all’Isarco/Blumau (325m) east of Bolzano. The main road via Aicha/Aica is the easiest choice, but even this road is steep. The old road is the classic one (which I still have to do myself) with 24% ramps. If coming from the north down from Telfen, then you can take off on an initially steep (ramp up to ca. 24%, even if sign says 27%) road to Prosels/Presule (716m) and then join the main road to the pass.

For completeness sake you can climb this pass directly from Kardaun/Cardano (292m) on the same road through the Eggental/Val d’Ega as one would climb when going to the nearby Jouf de Ciareja/Karerpass/Passo di Costalunga (1756m). (You can take the short-cut through the hotels in Karersee/Carezza al Lago to the Nigerpass road, but have not used that road myself.) You then climb to 1774m and descend to the pass.

Other comments Combined with Karerpass/Passo Costalunga it quite practical for a round tour including Passo Sella. There is a restaurant at the pass and water would be found at least at St. Zyprian/San Cipriano. The most boring place on this road is the pass itself which has no views of anything but trees, but otherwise it is a very fine climb with nice views. (Photo from Karerpass/Costalunga.)