homeCol d’Allos/Col de Valgelaye
Col d’Allos/Col de Valgelaye Height Climbing height - length
Signs 2247m/2250m
999m - 22.4 km (Colmars)
1100m - 17.2 km (Barcelonette)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is to the west of Col de la Cayolle and the most western +2000m paved pass in the Alps. From the south you start out in the fortified village of Colmars (1245m), which lays at the foot of the Col des Champs (2087m) pass. It is only steep after the ski resort. On the north side you start in Barcelonette (1144m) in the Ubaye valley, just like with the Col de la Cayolle (2326m). It is somewhat steep all the way on an exciting road to the pass height.
Other comments The ski resort on the south side really makes this pass less beautiful than what it would have been without it. I give it a somewhat high rating based on the beautiful north side alone. Colmars in the south is also a very nice village. Not much water along the road as far as I can remember, but there is a bar just below the top on the north side. You may also want to visit the side road to Lac d’Allos (2110m).
[FR-04-2244; BIG 306]