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Col des Champs Height Climbing height - length
2087m (road height 2096m wesr)
Sign 2087m
1047m - 16.4 km (St. Martin-d’Entraunes)
1047m - 16.2 km (St. Martin via Le Mounard)
1299m - 28.1 km (Guillaumes)
1550m - 47.5 km (Pont de Gueydan)
851m - 12 km (Colmars)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

St. Martin-d’Entraunes (1040m) to the east of the pass is a nice little typical southern french village. Here a somewhat narrow road starts that goes to the pass. After a little while it splits up in two roads and I believe the left (south) one is the nicest and most interesting one. The roads join together again after around 5 km at the steepest place of the climb on this side (around 14%). It is very irregularly steep. The highest point (2096m) is found west of the pass. You can also start already down at the Gorges de Daluis or Guillaumes (788m) if coming from Col du Quartier (Col de Valberg) (1674m), or down before the gorges at Pont de Gueydan (537m).

The road from the west starts just above Colmars (1245m). It used to be the rough side with many difficult drainage gulllies on the descent, but it has newly been resurfaced and only one major drainage gully left.

Other comments The actual geographic pass is on a gravel road a little lower and it is seen from the pass height. It is very nice up at the pass height and at various places on the east side, but the west side is almost always in the woods and without views. This is the most southern pass above 2000 metres in the Alps and the climb could thus be rather hot, so be sure to bring enough water. Restaurants and cafés are found in Colmars and St. Martin-d’Entraunes. There is one bar before the last climb on the east side. See also: Col de la Cayolle (2326m) and Col d’Allos/Col de Valgelaye (2244m).
[FR-04-2093, BIG 310]