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Bassa della Sella Height Climbing height
2138m 57m (Passo del San Gottardo/St. Gotthardpass)
998m - 14.9 km (Airolo (Nufenen road)); 1899m - 50.1 km (Biasca)
Difficulty Beauty
1 (5) 2 (5)
How to get there This pass is on a very narrow road leaving off the Passo del San Gottardo/St. Gotthardpass/Son Gottard/Col du St-Gothard (2107m) at the old road close to where the 2091m sign is placed. It is a road popular with walkers and you will not imagine to meet a car on the road (though it could happen). If you start the climb from Airolo (1156m) this is a long climb, but is only on the way to Passo Scimfuss/Passo Scipscius (2242m) where one should go.
Other comments The pass is on the road that climbs to Lago della Sella (a dam). Passo Scimfuss is reached by turning off this road just after this pass. After passing Passo Scimfuss, it is best to go back to the San Gottardo again! (The photo is of the 2091m sign on the old road over San Gottardo.)