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Oberalppass/Cuolm d’Ursera/Col de Surpalix Height Climbing height - length
Sign 2046m
601m - 10.7 km (Andermatt)
1143m - 20.6 km (Wassen)
1607m - 45.56 km (Altdorf)
920m/996m - 20.8 km (Disentis/Mustér)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

There (was?) a warning sign when you leave Andermatt (1443m) and begin the western climb that the road is steep. Funny that they only have such warnings where there is nothing to be afraid of – it is at most 6-7% on average. There is only one short steeper section.

If not coming from Wassen (916m) (if coming over the Sustenpass (2224m)) or further down at Altdorf (452m), then the climb starts at 1434m (coming from the Passo del San Gottardo (2107m) or Furkapass (2429m)). From Disentis/Mustér (1142m) to the east it is only the last 8 km (out of 20.8 km) that are steep and then only a little steeper than from Andermatt. If coming over the Lukmanierpass (1917m) the climb starts at 1070m.

Other comments

Andermatt is a nice and popular little town located between three high passes. It attracts many tourists passing by. The Oberalppass is the easiest of the high passes around the town. Everything is looking very perfect and the scenery on the way to the pass reminds me of a hobby I had as young – playing with model trains and building landscapes (which I was not good at) – I called this place the ‘Märklinlandschaft’ the first time I climbed the Oberalppass, as the landscape looks like a photo of a train kit from Märklin with red trains on green pastures (just like here). The valley on the east side has many small villages with plenty of very affordable lodging (rooms), (especially in Disentis). It is very nice around Disentis and there are several nice side valleys lower down on the east side to explore.

It is well worth taking a detour on the east side to Lai da Curnera (1958m) (Alp Cavradi 2040m, high point of road) with great views back over Oberalppass. One could also visit the nearby Pass da Tiarms (2150m) on a short, but steep gravel road from just below the pass on the Andermatt side, where you will have a nice view of the Oberalpsee. Other names: Alpsu, Crispalt.

[CH-GR-2044c, BIG 569]