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Cormet de Roselend Height Climbing height - length
1969m 1156m - 19.3 km (Bourg-St. Maurice)
1209m - 19.7 km (Beaufort)
394m - 8.1 km (Lac de Roselend)
1269m - 23 km (Manant)
1623m - 38.68 km (Albertville)
1749m - 43.29 km (Albertville via Col du Pré)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 5 (5)
How to get there

From the south-east the climb starts in Bourg-St. Maurice (813m) and the road climbs rather steadily from here to the pass. It is a nice climb where you will have views of the Mont Blanc mountains when passing by Vallée des Glaciers. The other side is ordinarily climbed from Beaufort (760m) (or just below at Manant (700m)) directly to the top. It is up all the way from Albertville (346m). It is a bit steep up the serpentines to the Lac de Roselend.

An alternative climb from Beaufort goes via the nice village of Arêches (1055m) and then via Col du Pré (1703m), from where you have fantastic views over the Mont Blanc mountains and the Lac de Roselend. You then descend to the lake/dam (1575m) and climb up via Col de Méraillet (1607m), which is where you meet the other road on the north side, up to the pass. The last alternative is the hardest and most beautiful approach.

Other comments The beautiful Lac de Roselend is perhaps what makes this pass stand out. This combined with lovely views of the Mont Blanc mountains has made the pass road become one of the most popular in the Alps. It is still not extremely busy with tourists. There is a bar close to the pass and some others before it on the north side.
[FR-73-1968, BIG 283]