Spullersee Height Climbing height - length
1835m 391m - 12.3 km (Lech)
764m - 30.2 km (Steeg)
907m - 52.9 km (after Elmen)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This road is a cul-de-sac road to Spullersee and starts in Lech (1444m) on the north side of the Flexenpass (1773m) road. One could start further down above Elmen (979m), if coming down from Hahntennjoch (1894m), but the real climb starts only later in Steeg (1122m). One turns off the road up to Hochtannbergpass (1676m) at Warth (1495m). The climb is never steep until Zug (1510m). The climb from Zug is on a toll road where the only motorised vehicles allowed in the Summer between 8-16:30 are the local buses. As you will (!) meet a bus there at least once or twice and the road is very narrow with places where it is difficult to see the bus coming, you will need to be careful. It is a bit up and down on the toll road with some steeper ramps.
Other comments The road from Zug to Spullersee and Formarinsee is lovely! One could continue on a gravel road along the lake to the other side and possibly get part or all the way up to Stierlochjoch (2009m), but I did not try this myself as it was raining when I was there. One could also visit nearby Formarinjoch (1871m) (you will see the road junction in the woods). There are shops and cafés in Lech. Lodging is expensive in Lech.