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Bocca di Selva Height Climbing height - length
1330m - 24.7 km (Stallavena)
1237m - 20.9 km (Bellori)
1494m - 31.7 km (Mizzole)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This pass is on a variant of the Lessinia high mountain road. It is close to the Passo del Branchetto (1586m), but this road soon turns to gravel 275m after the pass at ca. 1581m. The description for this pass is similar to the one for Passo del Branchetto, but this is a one-sided pass and could be reached from Stallavena (246m) or higher up from Bellori (339m) in Val Pantena straight up from Verona. You could alternatively climb the long Valle di Squaranto on a minor road from Mizzole (Montorio) (82m) via Cerro Veronese and meet the other road at Bosco Chiesanouva. Follow the SP 6 for Passo del Branchetto and there is then a sign for Bocca di Selva.

I have never climbed these passes from the south, only passed by them from the north gravel side, but they should not be very steep, even if they are long and you might have to deal with heat here in the Summer.

Other comments The gravel road above the pass is quite possible to use with a road bike (as I have done so myself) and it takes you in 11.6 km (11.4 km of gravel) to Bivio del Pidocchio (1565m), where you could go down via Bocchetta della Vallina (1487m) or go to Passo Fittanze (1380m). High point of the road is 1707m. Photo from Google street view showing the rifugio Booca di Selva, the actual pass is down on a private gravel road by the stables to the right, so you can see you have virtually reached the little pass when coming to to the turn-off on the asphalt road (so no need going down there to claim it).