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Pirovano & Passo delle Platigliole Height Climbing height
3021m/2908m 2119m - 27 km (Prato/Prad)
1821m - 23.6 km (Bormio)
1786m - 22.8 km (Premadio)
1660m - 18.7 km (Sta. Maria im Müstair)
Difficulty Beauty
5 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there You first have to climb the Stelvio pass – see Passo dello Stelvio/Stilfser Joch/Pass da Stielva (2758m). There is a little road starting south from the Bormio side of the pass height (the other at the exact top ends soon). This road is soon gravelled, but apart from two short bad sections with 25% you can otherwise cycle this road with a road bike up to Pirovano (3018m). At the last bend before Pirovano you find the Passo delle Platigliole (only a path down the other side). The road (2.3 km) ends at Pirovano where the snow, skiers and glacier starts.
Other comments In good weather when the road is dry, I can recommend getting up here as you get some nice views over the Stelvio pass along this road. One could possibly climb up to the Livrio hut also, but that involves walking over the glacier for a kilometre or two (not to my taste). This photo was taken Summer of 2003 and despite being a very hot Summer in the Alps, there was anyway snow and skiers here!