Gurnigelpass/Selibüelpass/Gantrischpass/Ganterispass Height Climbing height - length
1594m (road height 1609m) 741m - 16 km (Friesmatta)
632m - 12.4 km (Sangernboden)
774m - 9.2 km (Rüti bei Riggisberg)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there The hardest climb is from the east and starts in Rüti bei Riggisberg (820m), but it is also the shortest and on a good and wide road. There are great views once you reach the pass from this direction. The climb from the west starts in Freismatta (888m) (or actuallly usually a bit further down). The road descends a little before you reach Sangernboden (978m). From there it climbs in a very uneven fashion to first Wasserscheidi/Wasserscheide (1584m) and then you soon reach the high point of the road at Stierenhütte (1610m) before a short descent to the pass.
Other comments It is arguably nicer on the west side of the pass, but most nice it is in the high area near the Selibüel mountain. One could reach this pass also via the Süftene(pass)/Schwarzenbühl(pass) (1546m) from the northwest, but there is a long slow descent before you join the other western road a little below Wasserscheidi at 1485m. (The walking pass is a little east at 1579m.) There are restaurants and cafés at the top. See also Col de la Salzmatt/Salzmattpass (1638m).