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Tour of the Dolomites 2000
Tour of the Pyrenees 2001
Tour of the Alps 2002
Tour of the Dolomites & Central Alps 2003
Tour of the Alps 2004
Tour of the Pyrenees, Cantabria & Asturias 2005
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My shorter tours

Mallorca 2007
Corsica 2008
Bergamo 2009
Ötztaler Radmarathon 2009
Liguria BIG meeting 2009
Rimini 2010
Alicante 2012
Sicily 2013
Girona 2014
Alpes-Maritimes 2015
Nove Colli etc Spring 2016
Friuli Spring 2017

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All the Alps climbs of interest (currently only relevant climbs that I been to myself) now on one big Google map (will not try and maintain it on the site here, so only a link that open in a new window (heavy for your web browser!):



Dream Road Bike Tour of the Alps

My first book is now available! Giving all the advice needed to make a memorable bicycle tour of the Alps. I also illustrate such a tour by creating a “dream tour” – attempting to solve the puzzle of what route would be optimal to take if you only go to the Alps once and got +2 weeks at your disposal. That tour I could both illustrate and comment on in detail even if I have never done it myself, since I have been to (nearly) all the roads and places before.

2018-08-17: Still in stock directly from me. Prices incl. shipping (worldwide) €23; $25; £17.50; 205 sek. Payment mainly through Paypal: pay to and state your delivery address and e-mail. If you do not have Paypal, you can pay via Paypal anyway and I can send you a Paypal invoice if you send me an e-mail to the address here. Or you can use this direct link:

2016-01-15: The book is now also available worldwide through all bookstores online and normal ones that order it for their customers. It is available from ; ; ; and more as of writing. The book is still possible to order from Blurb too!