Friuli Spring 2017 – Friday May 5th

Moggio — Carnia — Monfalcone (by train) — Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina — Sella di Banne/Banovski vrh — Valico di Monte Spaccato — Trieste Centrale — Carnia (by train) — Moggio (57.28 km, 753m)


I decided to take the train down toward Trieste to visit that area (also planned) and it should be easiest and warmest destination. Still felt very bad this day and the hosts suggested I went to see some nearby place (Venzone, I think) of interest without the bicycle, but I was really down here to use the bicycle, so to Trieste I went. Got a ride down after a late breakfast to the Carnia stazione (start/end of the local train to/from Udine).

I went off in Monfalcone (had planned to walk off at the next station, but took a faster train not stopping at all the stations). I got on my way and felt so weak, but it was sunny and I was just going to fool around down here, so should be fine. Here I came up on the ridge above Trieste and there are some stones likely marking the border of the once autonomous province of Trieste. Thought it was nice with a photo here and of my Triestina bike (Wilier).


Stopped for a coffee and ice cream in Prosecco/Prosek – thought it was a bit fun name for a village given it is the name of the famous Italian wine, but doubt it was first made here. Later I was told the wine was indeed named after this village.

Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina

I had seen photos of a nice old road continuing all the way to Trieste at Villa Opicina called Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina, but had also noticed it was not all asphalted. Still thought it was likely possible to bicycle on as it was obviously a much used walking way. I guess one is perhaps not supposed to bicycle here, but met one or two with ordinary bikes. It is just to take it easy and leave space for the walkers.

Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina

A very nice day and I almost wished I was not so close to the city.

Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina

Here I am on the narrow walking part of the road, which was a little longer than expected, but even if the gravel was a bit loose, it was all fine to cycle on.

Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina

A last look over Trieste before coming into the area.

Strada Napoleonica/Vicentina

The view straight out over the gulf of Trieste.

Sella di Opicina

At Sella di Opicina (345m) a busy road goes down to Trieste centre. I followed it a little and then climbed the only steep road this day up to Sella di Banne/Banovski vrh (412m), which is the only slightly demanding climb in the area, especially if you take a more direct road up among the houses here. At the pass the road is very narrow and there an even smaller road goes up to a television sender. Took a photo there, but no good, then walked around it and took two more photos, the last of them below and the last photo for day.

Sella di Banne/Banovski vrh

I then went down on the other side and followed some small uninteresting road back over another busy road with a small pass, Valico di Monte Spaccato (356m) and then descended rapidly to the Sella di Longera (275m). Continuing right ahead at this pass and you end up in Slovenia as I had originally planned. I had thought to do a long tour into Slovenia and Croatia here and back again, but was not fit for that this day.

Instead I continued down to Trieste and after much confusions on how to reach the centre, that I thought I had got an idea about after circling above it, I eventually after descending a steep one-way road in the wrong direction reached the centre. There are so many cars and people in this city I could hardly find a place to stop with the bicycle. I stopped once at the only place I ever found, but was soon asked to move as someone should park there. I found Monaco more spacious … . Guessing my way I got to the central station 15 minutes or so before the train should leave which was enough for me to get a ticket and buy something. It took almost half an hour longer than expected to get to the station. I was back in Moggio just when it started to get dark again or just after.