Jerry’s Tour of the Alps 2009 – Thursday July 23rd

Chamonix — Courmayeur — Chamonix (no cycling)

Courmayeur - Mont Blanc

Today was my only total rest day for the three weeks tour. I needed it. I had some coffee and charged my iPhone a bit at the coffee place. We walked around the town for a while talking with people my sister knew and I got hold of a new inner tube in a bicycle shop. Later in the day we took the car through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Courmayeur, where it was a bit rainy. We had good pizzas and ice cream. I found a book store and went through some local maps searching for more passes to climb. I also bought a sweater that I sent home from Chamonix the next morning (it was looking good at half the price, but with shipping it did not get so very cheap after all).

Only one photo today from Courmayeur up the Mont Blanc mountains. I forgot to take a photo of my sister (just like last time).